The car park service is friendly and helpful helping elderly persons and women with heavy luggage.

Due to the terminal reconstruction, from October 2014 until further notice all arrivals are directed to the Terminal 2 (the former domestic one), entrance with a car is paid (5 zł). Our car park has subscription and we don’t charge our Clients with this cost.

We would like to kindly ask our Clients to stop at the doorkeeper’s after arrival. There we will pack your luggage to our van and show the place at the car park. Next we will give you confirmation of leaving the car, our business card with the phone numer and we will chargé you unless you haven’t done it with remittance. After these formalities we will bring you to the airport, the trip takes about 3 min. After your arrival with a plane and claiming your luggage you need to call us using the numer from the business card and ask us to pick you up from the terminal. We will come with a marked van (Citroën Berlingo or Renault Traffic).

We possess two car parks in Balice, one at Medweckiego Street 79 called „TINA” about 800 m from the airport, the second one at Medweckiego Street 49 called „START” about 600 m from the aiport. Together about 500 parking places.

We count the car parking daily, e.g. if the arrival is on 01.01 and departure on 02.01 you pay for 1 day, if the arrival is on 01.01 and the departure on 03.01 you pay for 2 days.

For all remarks and suggestions you can contact us using phone number +48 603 468.

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